Weekly Price Analysis Overview Jan.22: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BAT and EOS


The price builds support in the range of $3,500 although it does not look stable enough. Attempts to break through the $3,600 up failed.


Against the dollar, we rely on the support around $110. The previous time that this price was broken, the price dropped to two digits, resistance at $120 in this range.

Against Bitcoin, support was again tested around 0.032BTC and still holds. Resistance in this range at 0.034 BTC.


Against the dollar, the support around $0.32 has dropped slightly but seems to still hold above $0.30. Resistance remains around $0.33. A steady week for XRP.

Against Bitcoin in the Polo exchange, the pair corrected below support that turned into resistance around 9,000SAT. Support in this range at 8,800 SAT.

Basic Attention Token

Against the dollar, the graph drew new lows but still a small gap from the low we saw in early December. In addition, the downward trend was clearly seen and attempts to break the trend were unsuccessful. Support for this range is $0.11 resistance $0.13.

Against Bitcoin support around the 3,300SAT holds and the price stabilizing around this range. Resistance at 3,600SAT.


Against the dollar support in this range at $2.30 resistance at $2.60 after a correction that began in May 2018 from a high of $23 to a low of $1.6 where the floor was.

Against Bitcoin 2019 starts fairly stable. Support holds around 6300SAT resistance at 6,900 SAT.

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